Thursday, February 03, 2005


A recovering mormonholic? What the hell is that? Glad you asked... Basically, I grew up Mormon... 21 years in the business. I was addicted, and I was a good one. Then I realized it was all a farce, and I left the business. Things have been pretty okay for me since then. I dabbled awhile in evangelical christianity, but after a bit, I felt like I had jumped from one cult over to another. That's fine, believe in God, don't believe in God. But what I can't believe in are all those hard-core, Bible-thumpin', condemn you to hell for not living their way and saying their prayers and listening to their music kind of bullshit people. What? You don't believe that George W is a messenger from Jesus sent to rid the whole world of evil and restore peace and democracy to this bless-ed world?? You heathen! I'll pray for your wretched soul!!


I've had enough of this Holier Than Thou bunch. They're just Mormons that speak a different language.

But I digress.

I'm just working on discovering life after mormonhood. Maybe I should start my own 12-step program...

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