Sunday, February 20, 2005

Step 2: Religion Is Not The Answer

I'm finding that there are a lot of religious nuts in my life. They each have very specific, and often very conflicting, opinions about what is right, just and holy. But I'm also finding something else... religious nuts are just that -- nuts!

After going to a Mormon church every Sunday for the first 20 years of my life and a number of varying Christian churches since then, I've decided that these churches don't solve anything. While some people may find comfort or fulfillment in these rituals and songs and weekly affirmations -- and good for them -- I don't. And, though some sing hymns while others prefer more contemperary styles and still others stick to dancing in the aisles, they're really all the same. After all of the arm-raising, hand-clapping, foot-stamping music, we're still left with a man, standing in front of a trusting group of people, telling them the rock solid TRUTH of just what exactly the Bible says. As told to him by GOD! Then, after a few "Amens" and "Hallelujah, brothers," everyone goes home, AND THEN WHAT?

"Well, I read this and this in the Bible and I think it means this. But Pastor Humbleman today said it doesn't mean this; it really means that. But if it means that, then I'm totally wrong about this and all of those. But Pastor Saved on TV yesterday said it means the opposite. So how do I know who's right? Do I ask God? But I though Pastors Humbleman and Saved both already talk to God, so why didn't they just ask Him? And if I can just ask God myself, what's the point of bothering with pretentious pastors and congregations and songs and people? And how do I know which is the best and which I should believe and who knows the best way to heaven? He says I have to live a righteous life, and he says all I have to do is say a special prayer, and he says I just have to be nice to people, and he says nobody makes it anyway, and he says..."

How can everyone be right at the same time??

And where does this get me in the end?

No. I say religion is a crutch. A man-made way for us to try and reach up to God. Since the beginning of time, societies have had some form of religion, some need to worship a being mightier than themselves. What makes you so sure that all of them are wrong and now, suddenly, you have the key?

Stop telling me what to do, stop telling me what I need, and stop believing that you hold the only right answer to the question the world has never ceased to ask.

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