Sunday, April 03, 2005

Step 5: Don't Make a Commitment That May Be Too Big to Keep

Like promising to come up with 12 clever steps for a recovering mormonholic. :)

Not to worry... they'll come in time. But in order to post more frequently, I think I've got to break it up a bit.

I usually have a pretty hard time with commitment. I'm so scared of settling and getting stuck in a rut that after a short time I start to get antsy and have to move on to something new.

I remember my health teacher my junior year of high school telling us that her mother had gone to that same school, then she went that school, and was now a teacher there. Living in the same neighborhood, shopping in the same stores, taking the same route... everyday... for far too many years to count. I never wanted to get stuck like that.

So I move all the time and avoid relationships. Is this normal? Probably not, but it's me.

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