Saturday, December 29, 2007

PS. Where are all the women?

I got so carried away with how depressing the church service was, that I forgot to mention the part that made me the most angry! Though, I don't know why... it didn't surprise me at all.

During the last talk, the man speaking (I think he was part of the bishopric), was giving his testimony or whatever, talking about how he was so grateful for Gordon Hinckley, and Joseph Smith, and God, and Jesus, and Brigham Young, and he, him, he, him BLAH.

I leaned over to dad and said, "he, he, him, him. Where are all the women?"

Dad says, "Well, it was the women who supported the men!"


Excuse me, I just threw up a little bit.

It is not my job, nor should any other woman think it is her job, to be some man's support while he goes off and makes a name for himself. Sure, sure, be supportive of your husband, etc. But that doesn't make you who you are! You are your own person, and should be recognized as such.

No, the problem is that the Mormon church is a 100% patriarchy, and that's how they like it, thank you very much. So, they'll continue to suppress women, push down their thoughts and accomplishments, and make them feel like that's the way god intended it to be, until the women decide that's not okay, they're not going to take it anymore, and they either do something about it or leave.

Heh. Great.

Step 8: Wake Up!

So, the xmas season has come and gone. Time was spent with family on both ends. My family was, of course, all Jesus-fied, but were actually much more tame this go 'round than in years past. However, my honey and I were invited to church to watch my father, brother, brother-in-law, and quite possibly soon to be other brother-in-law sing a Jesus xmas song. So, we went, and sat through about 25 minutes of the mormon service.

Whoa. It was depressing.

I mean, I remember that it wasn't all that exciting when I went, but it's been such a long time, and I hadn't really realized how SAD the whole thing is.

Besides the fact that there were kids screaming as they played with their toys, women clipping their fingernails in the pew ahead of us, people dozing on the stand, etc...

But the music and the talks were the complete opposite of uplifting! Nobody seemed happy to be there. The songs just kind of droned on. The talks... oh, the talks... All about how we all make mistakes and nobody is perfect, nor will we ever be, and we're sinners, and we... well, we basically suck. No hope, no inspiration, no excitement. Just like robots.

At least at a Southern Baptist Church you'll find people dancing in the aisles!

No wonder Utah is ranked as the #1 most depressed state in the country according to Mental Health America. Sad.

Figure out how to wake up and find some joy in your life!! I know I'm happy with my life.

Maybe you should consider leaving the church behind, too...