Sunday, January 06, 2008



Mandi Baby said...

This would be really awesome if I was convinced even for a second that she actually understood the meaning of the words she was saying. Whomevers kid this is, is no better off than if they were being taught religion in my opinion. She is still obviously being forced to believe a certain way. Why not just not teach the child anything and let them discover for themselves if they believe there is or is not a god?

Besides a few songs I hardly think "love your neighbor as you would love yourself" one of the core beliefs of most churches, teaches children violence.

That aside I know it was just a blog and I thoroughly enjoy reading these posts you have. If everyone agreed with me and thought the same way as me....I would be really bored.

Michelle said...

Oh, this girl is an actor. It was a made-up thing. But, it did make me laugh.