Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh My!

Whew, what an interesting morning already! Let me start with a couple of days ago--

When I get bored, I go to friends' blogs and click the links they have there for other blogs and peruse around. I don't know why I do that, I don't normally like the other blogs, but hey, I'm bored. I can't think straight!

So, on Monday, I came across a blog by a perky little white girl out west somewhere, maybe Idaho. She had a blog post called MEXICAN WORD OF THE DAY with stupid little sayings that are supposed to sound funny if you say them in a loud, Mexican accent. I couldn't leave the blog without saying what a racist "joke" that was, so I left a comment.

Oh dear.

I suppose she decided to come to my blogs and read everything. No problemo, that's why I didn't post anonymously. And this is what she had to say to me this morning:

"Amy Sue has left a new comment on your post "Musings":

"Hi Michelle,

"This is Amy whose blog you visited through Angela. The post that I made was sent to me BY A HISPANIC. I am in awe that you are in awe! Especially coming from a proclaimed liberal and ESPECIALLY after reading your highly offensive "An Answer, At Last" post. Yeah yeah yeah, I get it; that it's supposed to be sarcastic, but guess what?? So was that! And I really did find it truly offensive. Who in the heck needs to read that garbage, kidding or not. Oh yeah, and your post about the Prophet. Again, offensive. But you don't have to worry about me because I won't be vising your blog again.

"You should really think about things before you make a joke out of them, and think about who it might hurt. I'm in awe."



First off, I'm so happy that she knows "A HISPANIC!!" That makes it okay to be racist!

Second, I KNOW that "An Answer, At Last" was offensive! It was offensive to me! That's why I posted about it and responded at the end with "Excuse me now while I go throw up a bit." I linked EVERYTHING I wrote to the website that was purporting this ridiculousness. Seriously, you couldn't catch that? I don't think the things I wrote on that post! Wow.

Third, the prophet post? Really?? The one from The Colbert Report? I'm assuming she's never heard of Stephen Colbert before, or there's NO WAY she could have been offended by that! I don't understand her sensitivity, anyway. He wasn't even making fun of Hinckley, or the Mormon church, at all! He was making a joke about his writers!! Oh dear, once again.

My fourth point, being Mexican is not a choice. However, believing in a religion is purely choice. It is not okay to make jokes about something that people have no control over. I.e.: Oh my god! Look at that guy! He only has one leg! Maybe we should go push him over!

I'm sure she would never think about making fun of somebody who had a disability. How is making fun of someone's accent because they were born in a different country any better?

But when you make a CHOICE to follow a religion, THAT is something you can control. It's fair game.

However, I don't "make fun." Okay, perhaps the BYU posters was poking fun, but you'd have to work hard to convince me that anything else I've written on this blog was actually making fun of her religion, mormonism.

Amazing how you can be so sensitive about things when it has to do with you, yet be so willing to laugh at others. If you want to dish it out, you've got to be ready to take it... Isn't that what they say?


I hope it didn't ruin her day. She seemed pretty worked up!

PS. I'm not sure how being a "proclaimed liberal" is supposed to mean I'm okay with making fun of people's ethnicity. But hey, good try!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I already posted this on my other blog, but it's appropriate here, as well!

I just learned about a documentary coming out on October 3rd by Bill Maher called Religulous. It looks fantastic... I can't wait to see it!

The movie has a fun website, too.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Atheism, defined

I got this from Friendly Atheist, who got it from August Berkshire, president of Minnesota Atheists.

It’s called “The Four Cs of Atheism.”

Like many of you reading this, I describe myself as a flaming liberal. Yet in one area I am a conservative. I am an atheist.

Yes, atheism is a conservative position. We make no leaps of faith. We accept statements only so far as there is reason and/or evidence to back them up. Anything else is speculation.

Atheism is also consistent. We apply our skepticism equally to all supernatural claims. We do not say, “All prophets, saviors, or gods are false – except ours.” We make no exceptions or special pleadings, which makes us consistent.

Another benefit of atheism is that it is contradiction-free. We don’t have to try to reconcile an all-loving, all-seeing, all-powerful god with the existence of evil. We don’t have to define love exactly the opposite of the way we normally define it in order to make it applicable to our god. We don’t have to claim a poor supernatural designer is intelligent.

An atheist also possesses clarity in his or her thinking processes. An atheist has the courage to follow the trail of reason and evidence wherever it may lead. If there should some day be a compelling reason or piece of evidence for a god, then we would acknowledge it and change our views. This is also known as intellectual honesty.

One of the arguments of Pascal’s Wager is that a person loses nothing by believing in a god. I beg to differ. Accepting Pascal’s Wager means saying that we are willing to abandon reason and evidence as our standards of living, and instead make a leap of faith to… where?

It’s true that by converting (or deconverting) from theism to atheism a person can lose his or her cosmic specialness and meaning in life and any hope of an afterlife. But you can’t lose what you never really had.

The reality of atheism far outweighs the dream of religion. There is an excitement and beauty to perceiving the world as it really is, and not as a wishful thought.